Apsara Partners provides fast and flexible financing options for business divorces and the buyouts of minority partners. Whether it is a martial divorce, a retirement, or another event prompting the ownership separation, we can help finance the process. See why we might be a more appealing option than a hasty private equity transaction or a prolonged negotiated transaction.

Explore the benefits of financing with Apsara in our newest case study: Improving Liquidity and Financial Health in Ownership Separations

A great business might not have the ownership structure it needs to keep pace with changes in personal lives. A business divorce or a marital divorce that involves a business can create challenges for all parties.

When a business partner or a former spouse needs to exit an investment, capital is not always available. We provide flexible financing to meet the needs of individuals and their business interests. We help to make business divorces and other ownership changes simple, easy, and fair.

Our experience allows us to evaluate and structure new investments quickly. We can tailor financing options that help owner-operators maintain business operations, while providing successful exits for their partners. Financing with Apsara Partners helps to maintain the financial health of businesses and individuals.

When we assess an opportunity, we are prepared to invest. Business appraisers and valuation experts do great work, but competing opinions are common and lead to valuation disputes. Let us help you to realize a fair value for your investment.